Russia-US lock horns in UN over Syria

Russia has vetoed US resolution over the use of force against Syria over increased international investigation about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. It has been reported that Syrian regime forces used chemical weapons on the last stronghold of rebels in Douma which had resulted in many deaths and affecting many others with disastrous consequences. Doctors have reported that many victims had shown signs of poisoning by a chemical gas. International experts on chemical weapons are expected to reach Syria to confirm the chemical strike.

The US government along with its allies are considering the possibility of a military action against Syria as a punishment for use of poison gas against innocent civilians. President Trump has already warned of a forceful response to Syrian regime after the responsibility of the attack was assured. There was a warning issued by the Eurocontrol, the Pan-European air traffic control agency to be cautious in the Mediterranean region due to increased possibilities of the air-strikes.

Moscow on the diplomatic front opposed the resolution of a Western strike on its ally Syria. Russia has accused the US that the resolution is a preparation for a Western strike on Syria and refrained from developing such plans. The incident has once again pushed the Syrian war on the international stage with Washington and Moscow in another major face-off. The US is considering the military options and the effectiveness of Syrian defence systems along with the extent to which Russia will be willing to help and organise the defence. French President has also reiterated that the airstrikes if any will be directed towards the chemical facilities of Syria and not on the regime or its allies.

Russia and Syria have together rubbished the claims as completely fabricated. The Probe by Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will soon send its team to the area to investigate the use of banned munitions in Douma. The investigation has been sought by Russia and the Syrian government to help stop the US-led strikes. Syrian media has presented willingness of the government to cooperate in any kind of investigations to bring the truth to the table about the allegations of Western nations of use of chemical weapons to back their aggressive intent.

The attack had possibly restored complete governmental control over Eastern Ghouta as all rebels and their families left it for northwest Syria.


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