Battlefield Syria: US-Russia face-off coming

The US-Russia war of words is heating as Russia has categorically stated that any US missile over Russia will be shot down and there will be targeting of the launch sites. This is the first incident in the eight-year-long conflict in Syria where the two world powers have come direct face to face with each other backing opposite factions in the Syrian battlefield. Moscow has however stated that such a situation should be avoided and Russia is completely ready for negotiations.

The latest series of events have unfolded after the momentous clash of two sides at UN where Russia vetoed US Resolution to step up international investigations at the site of chemical weapons attack in Syria. 60 people had lost their lives in the suspected chemical attack and another 500 were still struggling with horrific symptoms and being treated.

Russia and Syrian regime have termed all the reports as bogus and fabricated. Russia repeatedly stated that all the actors involved in the conflict should not indulge in any escalation which will have disastrous consequences for the region already mired in misery and conflict. It firmly stated that Russia opposes any military strike by the US on its ally. The attack sealed the victory for Assad regime in Eastern Ghouta as the last of the rebels also left the area with their families to north-western parts of Syria still under rebel control.

President Trump had earlier warned of a forceful response after the responsibility of the attack is assigned. Despite the risks involved due to robust air defence systems of Russia and Syria, US strikes will need Navy as the US Navy destroyer of USS Donald Cook is in the Mediterranean. France has also stated that the airstrikes will not target Syrian governmental allies but will be aimed at governmental facilities only. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has been asked to conduct investigations to determine the use of any banned weapons on civilians. The latter has been urged by both Russia and Syria to avoid a larger confrontation.

US President Donald Trump in the latest tweet has warned Russia to brace up for missile attacks in Syria and has vowed to defy all of their defences.

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