Hungary Elections: Viktor Orban wins third term

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has won the third consecutive term based on his anti-immigration stance which sealed two-thirds majority for his party in the Central legislature. Orban hails from the right-wing party has projected himself as the guardian of the Christian culture of Hungary as he pitted himself against the Muslim refugee influx on the European mainland. The message found sound appeal among the voters primarily with the ones in rural areas.

In his victory speech, Orban congratulated his supporters and told them that a critical victory has been achieved which has handed him another chance to save Hungary. A two-thirds majority in the Parliament will also give Orban the requisite power to change the Constitutional law. The critics have raised concerns as they view that Orban has in his previous terms have abolished many checks and balances which are pillars of any democracy.

It is speculated that the recent win will now further allow Orban to fearlessly push greater integration with the Central European alliance thereby negating the migration policies of European Union. Orban has always been deeply critical of the Brussels’ stance on migration. It has always opposed deeper integration of the bloc. Leaders from Poland who also share the stance on EU were the first ones to send congratulatory messages to Orban.

The total turnout in the election was 70 percent which is higher than the last three figures. Political analysts have said that the major support for Orban came from the rural areas and small towns where his message was made louder due to his immense control over the state media and newspapers of the region which are controlled by his business allies. Majority people in these areas have access to only state television where the message of troubles caused by Muslim migrants has been repeatedly aired.

Critics have also stated that Orban has put Hungary on a more authoritarian trajectory and has led to the growth of xenophobia. Orban has been successfully worked on the feelings of the common people who are increasingly wary about their national identity and are bothered about their treatment as a second-class citizen in EU. Orban had built a razor-fence along the Serbian border to keep out migrants from Middle-eastern countries. He has enacted tough laws and measures which have been sharply condemned by the United Nations.

Despite his strong migration policies he has taken many steps to bolster the economy like controlling the budgetary deficit, checked unemployment and has kept the debt at bay.




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