Trump tweets “Big Price to Pay” for Chemical attack in Syria

United States President Donald Trump has strongly condemned the chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Douma by the Syrian regime forces which have the backing and support of Russia and Iran. Medical aid organisations working in the area have stated that many people have been killed by the poison gas.

A joint statement was issued by Syrian American Medical Society and the Civil Defence Service stated that 49 people have died as a result of the attack and many more are still suffering.  The statement has stated that around 500 people were facing severe difficulties in breathing, frothing and even smelling of chlorine. The Syrian government has denied that its forces have carried out any chemical attack on the rebel-held town. Russia has called the whole reports as bogus and fabricated and has warned the US on carrying out any military strikes against Syria based on untrue reports as this can snowball into disastrous consequences.

US military had launched a deadly cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base in its answer to Sarin gas attack by the Syrian regime in north-western parts of the country. The US has however firmly stated that it is closely studying all the reports of the attack and is not ruling out any consequence but the perpetrators of the crime will have to pay a big price.

Douma is the last rebel stronghold left to be captured in the region of Eastern Ghouta as the Syrian army has wrestled control of the entire suburb surrounding Damascus after one of the fiercest battles in the 8-year-old civil war as nearly 1600 civilians lost their lives including children.

Many rebels groups have broken deals with the regime and taken a safe exit to other opposition-held areas along the Syrian border with Turkey. The last rebel group Jaish al-Islam has however rejected the offer to leave and have demanded to be allowed to stay. There have been reports that the group has reached a covert agreement with Russia and have agreed to be transferred to Jarablus. Establishing control over Douma will thus finally seal one of the greatest victories for the regime in last 8 years and reiterate its undefeatable position in the war.

Syrian Observatory monitoring group has not confirmed the reports of the use of chemical weapons in the area. The Director of the Observatory Rami Abdulrahman has stated that 11 people had lost their lives due to suffocation which had resulted from the heavy bombardment of the area.


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