Germany: Many dead as vehicle drives into crowd

In a deliberate attack, a delivery truck rammed into a crowded street in the city of Muenster leaving many dead and injured. The German police have stated that the driver had reportedly killed himself and that police was not looking out for more suspects.

The delivery van ploughed through the open terrace of a restaurant in an area which is usually crowded over the weekends. The old city has been shut down as a security measure and people have been advised to not to come to the city centre. The incident has surprisingly taken place exactly after one year of a similar attack in Sweden.  Although the attack is seen as deliberate the police are not able to ascertain the identity of the driver and the intention behind the attack.

Attacks in which vehicles are turned into weapons and are rammed into crowds is not completely unheard of. Muenster has just become another victim of the attack in which many lost their lives and others have become seriously injured.

There has been a recent surge in vehicle attacks across the world with a few examples like Manhattan in New York in October 2017 fell victim to a rental truck which drove through a bicycle track and ultimately slammed into a school bus. 8 people had died. The prime suspect was arrested and charged. He admitted being inspired by ISIS ideology and destructive videos.

Barcelona, Spain; Charlottesville, US; London, Sweden, etc. are places which are a witness to such attacks in 2017 while Nice, France; Berlin; Columbus, Ohio; etc. similar attacks occurred in 2016.

Many known terrorist organizations have repeatedly asked their followers to make use of vehicles as weapons are they don’t have access to guns or bombs. Thus, every such tragedy is a wake-up call for the governments of the world to broaden their view about the possibilities of attacks which can be of diverse and unpredictable nature.




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