Gaza Protests: Israeli military kills 7 Palestinians

In a week of the marked protests by Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border, Israeli military gunned down 7 Palestinians and left another 200 wounded. The death toll has risen to 27 in a week. Among those dead were two teenagers who were killed along the frontier during the demonstration now popular as the “Great March of Return”. The leaning protests saw a sudden swelling of crowds but they were apparently smaller than the first day.

Palestinians have organized tent camps just at a little distance from the frontier in order to protest to return to their native land and also seeking permission to regain their ancestral lands. Despite repeated warnings by the Israeli military and also the protest organizers, many youths get closer to the frontier barrier which is declared as a no-go-zone.

The approximate turnout on Friday’s protest was around 20,000 of the population of Gaza. Latter is under the control of Hamas which has regularly called for the destruction of Israel and has been labelled as a terrorist outfit by West. Israel has accused Hamas of trying to turn the protest towards violence. Hamas has declared that the protests will continue.

President Abbas of Palestine has condemned the Israeli firing which has caused 7 fresh deaths of peaceful protests. The response of Israeli army has been criticised internationally among human rights groups. Israel has repeatedly called off any possibility of granting the main demand of the protestors of the right to return. UN has also asked Israel to exercise restraint and ensure that it will not resort to using excessive force.


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