Trump passes order to deploy troops along US-Mexico border

President Trump has finally signed a Memorandum to deploy National Guard troops along the US-Mexico border although other details of the number of troops, the time limit of deployment, the costs and the location details are still underway to get finalised.

The Memorandum states that the security of US is undermined by the huge increase in the influx of illegal migrants along the southern border. The numbers at border crossings have seen a sudden rise in the last month was released by Department of Homeland Security primarily due to increase in attempted crossings.

Many previous Presidencies had also deployed the National Guards along the border but were equally criticised due to huge costs involved vis-a-vis the effectiveness of the measure. There is a provision in US Federal law which bars the use of force to implement laws which simply means that troops cannot interfere in the enforcement of immigration. The President can only deploy troops if there is a feared invasion of US which in the current scenario is not the case. Further President needs the Governor sign off which in case of California seems unlikely as the State has taken a tough stance against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Posse Comitatus Act puts limits on the deployment of federal troops in the US and prohibits them from being used to enforce the domestic laws.

President George Bush had also sent troops to supplement the Border Patrol agents under the Operation Jump Start 2006 mainly for support roles and no law enforcement activity was undertaken by them. Likewise, during the Obama Presidency, about 1200 National Guard troops were sent to the border in support role under Operation Phalanx.

Trump is said to be angered by the denial of money by the Congress for construction of the border wall and has stated that the troops will remain stationed at the border till the construction of his dream border wall project is completed.


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