Trump administration to keep troops in Syria for sometime

President Trump has agreed to extend the stay of US troops in Syria for a short time but will withdraw them soon. This is another bouncer from Trump administration as last week he had announced an early pull out of American troops from Syria as ISIL have been almost defeated and have lost ground. Moreover, Trump had also stated earlier that if Saudi Arabia wants to have US presence in Syria it should fund its stay.

However, there has been no approval of any specific timetable of approval but the President wants to ensure the defeat and complete dismantling of ISIL. In addition, Trump administration wants other major regional powers to come forward and contribute towards the stability of the war-torn nation.

The senior officials of Trump administration have said that the US will not withdraw immediately but will not stay for a long time either. An immediate pull-out by the US can serve as a turning point for ISIL forces and also create a vacuum in the region and thus a great opportunity for Iran to widen its influence and power. Many high officials from Pentagon has been pushing hard to delay the US pullout by enumerating the fact that the birth of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in the Iraqi territory was the result of pulling out US troops from Iraq. Also,  the umpteen sacrifices of the Armed Forces will be nullified as the US withdrawal.

US is carrying out air-strikes in areas which are control of ISIL in addition to deployment of 2000 troops along with special forces who have backed the SDF or Syrian Democratic Front to wipe out ISI from more than 90 percent territory which was being held by ISIL. However, still many and larger issues lay ahead on the ground like the reinforcement of power, economic reconstruction to make it habitable and bring back people to their own home and country which will actually depend on addressing the more potent issues.

There is an apparent laxity seen in the fight against ISIL due to the loss of YPG or the Syrian Kurds to their fight against Turkey. The Kurds have been fighting alongside the US against the ISIL.





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