Russia will build Turkey’s first nuclear plant

The First Nuclear Power Plant of Turkey, the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be built by the Russian State Nuclear Energy Agency Rosatom in the southern province Mersin along the coast of Mediterranean. It is slated to have four units with a capacity of 1200 megawatts with an annual work life of 8000 hours.

Two units are planned in the first phase of construction with a capacity of 2400 MW. The total cost of investment is estimated around $20 billion. The Turkish companies will take up 35-40 percent of the reconstruction of the plant which will further enhance the economy by $6-8 billion.

The operational date selected for the first reactor of Akkuyu NPP is 2023 and the plant will ultimately be able to function at full capacity by 2025. Once fully operational, it will function to produce 35 billion kW of electricity and will be a great contributor to meet the energy needs of the nation to the tune of 10 percent.

The period in which the construction will proceed as many as 3500 people will get suitable employment. Also, 248 Turkish students received their education in Russia to work on the plant. 35 students had graduated last month after receiving education for 6.5 years. The two nations Russia and Turkey had signed an intergovernmental agreement in 2010.

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