Peru: President Vizcarra presents a New Cabinet

President Martin Vizcarra has finally announced a new Cabinet in Peru. The announcement has won him praise from the country’s opposition which is hopeful that it will help rekindle the relations between executive and legislature that have complete sunk. The new Cabinet comprises many highly ranked officials, many specialists from the private sector and is led by Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva who hails from the opposition and had led to a campaign of impeachment of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

President Pedro Pablo had tendered his resignation amid accusations of vote-buying and graft scams on the eve of the impeachment vote and was replaced by Vice President Martin Vizcarra. Kuczynski’s had been in office for 20 months but his tenure was highlighted by frequent clashes with Congress and the Popular Force party which enjoyed the majority in the legislature.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva had served twice as the governor of the Amazonian region and is known as the bridge-builder in the Congress. President appointed Francisco Ismodes as the new Energy and Mines Minister and David Tuesta as the new Finance Minister.

Although many policies may be revised there is no change to the economic model of Peru.

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