President Trump: NO MORE DACA DEAL

President Trump has finally ended the rhetoric around the status of millions of immigrants who come to the US via undocumented channels in childhood by firmly stating that there will be “NO MORE DACA DEAL” or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. There will thus be no deal which will legalize the immigration status of many dreamers.

The DACA deal came into being under the Obama Presidency to give protection to dreamers temporarily. Trump expressed that he would, however, welcome a deal with US Congress to cancel the deportation of dreamers in return for funds to build the wall at the US-Mexico border. However, all the immigration proposals from the Democrats were outrightly rejected by him.

Trump asked the Republicans to make use of the “Nuclear Option” under which the Republicans in the Senate can pass the tough immigration or any other legislation with a simple majority of 51 votes as against the 61 vote majority required for ending the debate in routine. The Senate rules specifically state that at least 60 Senators must agree to end the debate and move ahead to vote on the special law. This process is known as invoking cloture.

The President also slammed Mexican authorities for taking the security on the border too easily as he repeated that the border between the two nations had become even more dangerous. In another sharp announcement, he openly threatened the Mexican government of scrapping the NAFTA agreement if the government is unable to check the flow of drugs and people. He expressed disdain for the Democrat laws of Catch & Release at the border which has rendered the role of Border Patrol Agents ineffective.

What is the DACA Deal?

The DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a policy in the US under which individuals who entered the nation as minors under restrictive conditions and have remained in the US without any legal permit get a relaxation for two years by a deferred action of deportation and are also given work permits.  Nearly, 800,000 people had registered themselves under the policy which was launched by Obama in 2012. They are known as the Dreamers. The recipients of DACA have to give a fee and also underground strict background checks after every 2 years and those with any criminal record are disqualified. DACA does not give citizenship to the dreamers. The Trump administration after initiating the plans to scrap the DACA had allowed six months time for the Congress to give passage to the Dream Act which will ultimately let the Dreamers get the citizenship.

The DACA has bee useful for the US economy as it has considerably increased the participation of Dreamers in labour force and has increased their wages. It has also been a boost for the mental health of the immigrants eligible for DACA.


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