Israel refuses any inquiry into Gaza incident

Israel has refused an inquiry into the killing of 15 Palestinians by the Israeli military during the Land Day protests along the Israel-Gaza border when protestors tried to cause violence by throwing stones, firebombs or even rolling burning tyres towards the Israeli forces at the border.

The military had issued many warnings to the youth to not to come near the border along with firing tear gas and rubber bullets. The latter, however, had no effect on some youth and ultimately Israeli forces had to open fire on the protestors who were instigating others and believed to be part of the Hamas- which is considered as a terrorist outfit by both Israel and the West.

Israel later stated that 8 out of 15 dead were part of the Hamas while 2 belonged to other terrorist outfits. Hamas had already agreed that five of the dead were members of its armed wing.

There was a silent yet tight atmosphere along the border where many Palestinians are protesting in tents along the 65 km border. The numbers have fallen significantly but the organisers are positive of a better response towards the weekend when the schools and colleges shut for Sabbath.

Pope Francis made a reference to the situation in Gaza in his Easter address and stated that defenceless people are being killed in the Holy Land. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Federica Mogherini the top diplomat of EU have together called for an independent inquiry into the bloodshed.

The Israeli army has accused the Hamas of sending women and children to the frontier and instead that the soldiers on the border need to be praised and deserve to be decorated with medals for they successfully protected the borders.

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