Israel and UN seal historic deal to the benefit of African migrants

Israel and UN have finally sealed an agreement to deport approximately 16,000 African asylum seekers to Western nations. The reports have emerged from the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu is said to have cancelled the plan to send the migrants back to Africa that amounted to a forced expulsion to an unknown location in Africa.

Israel finds that there are about 40,000 migrants who are basically job-seekers and Israel is under no obligation to accommodate them. Most of these migrants are either from Sudan or Eritrea. Most of them had been directed to leave Israel within three months if their asylum application is failed.

The Deal specifies that the homes of at least 16,250 asylum seekers in the Western Nations will be arranged by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The remaining asylum seekers estimated to be around 18,000 will be given a permanent status by the Israeli government.

The deal will be implemented in three phases in next five years. The deal has been received warmly as against the previous one of offering a sum of $3500 and sending them back to their home country, had been widely condemned by the critics and UN as unsafe. The new deal is in line with the international law. The government will also contribute towards the provision of counselling on occupations, vocational training and other assistance which will make their integration into the Israeli society easier. There are plans to disperse them all over Israel so these populations are not concentrated in one pocket of the country.

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