African Union Base attacked in Somalia

The African Union peacekeeper base has been attacked by the Al Shabaab militants 130 km from the capital city of Mogadishu. The attack comprised two car bombs outside their bases. Al Shabaab militants are behind the attack as the gun battle went for hours after the bombs exploded outside the bases.

Al Shabaab group has lost their power over many cities of Somalia but have a reasonable presence in the regions which are outside the capital city. One of the two bombs had hit one vehicle of African Union while the other hit a Military vehicle of Somalia. The attack was followed by a severe gun battle with many militants firing. The militants also tried to attack the villages in the vicinity but the attack was thwarted.

The soldiers from the Ugandan Army have stated that all the 22 militants who had launched an attack on the AU base have been killed. 4 Ugandan soldiers also lost their lives in the deadly ambush. It is reported that a large number of AMISOM troops had lost their lives.

The Somalian Civil War: a briefing

The Somalian Civil War has been going on since 1991. It began as a resistance movement against the military junta. Many armed rebels groups came into existence and began engaging with the Armed Forces of Somalia. Latter included famous names like the Somali Salvation Democratic Front,  the Somali National Movement and the United Somali Congress. The Barre government was ultimately toppled in 1991. The following power vacuum pushed the nation into turmoil and Somalia turned into a failed state. Despite the formation of Transitional governments at the turn of the Century, peace and stability still haunted the nation. It was in 2012 when the Federal Government of Somalia was established ever since 1991. However, Somalia is still classified as a “fragile state” by international analysts.

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