Abdel Fattah el-Sisi registers resounding victory with 97 percent votes

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has won the Presidential elections with a record 97 percent votes which have secured him in power for next 4 years. The results were predictable and were no surprise to anyone in or outside the country. The elections were dubbed as one-man show as all the credible opposition figures had either revoked their candidature, had been arrested or were prosecuted.

The total voter turnout was 41.5 percent which was slightly lower than the figure in 2014 elections. The only person who stood in opposition was Mousa Mostafa Mousa who was also staged to give a credible colour to the election in the eyes of international observers. Mousa had entered the election just hours before the deadline and was a staunch follower of Sisi. In the preliminary results, it was reported that many ballot papers had been spoilt which was later refuted by the way the results were revised to suggest the latter.

The election was an eye-wash and absolutely fabricated. However, the results have paved way for more uncertain times in Egypt as Sisi has never delivered on his election promises ever since he grabbed power in a military coup. Despite the huge investments by Gulf nations to alleviate the economy of Egypt nothing much changed on the ground except unexplained and mounting suppression of the masses and rise in extremism. The Egyptian economy is plagued with exceptionally high unemployment and a wide income disparity topped with a rule by the rich. Egyptian economy needs a neoliberal makeover to bring it back to life- a solution which seems like an illusion for next four years.

The President enjoys a strong loyalty base among his supporters who view him as the face of stability and economic rejuvenation- the reasons for which they are prepared to forego democracy. But contrary to the above belief nothing has improved on the ground in Egypt except repression. Sisi also enjoys a great cushion of support from the US and Saudi Arabia who see him as a key ally in the region.

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