US Senator Warren sparks trade tensions between US and China

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has sparked another round of trade tensions between US and China as during her visit to Beijing she told the media that US lawmakers are finally rising up to the reality of Chinese trade abuses. The visit by the Democrat from Massachusetts who is known to be a staunch Trump foe and a potential candidate for Presidential elections in 2020 has abruptly stated that the US trade policy needs a rethink as the economic engagement with China was skewed in favour of China as latter made the US companies compromise their intellectual property for gaining excess to the Chinese market. She stated that the US has been listening to a happy-face story which will never fit the facts of the matter.

Warren did not stop short of saying that the US policymakers are now aggressively pushing China for opening the markets without any condition of gaining access to US technology. She bluntly added that the US cannot back integrated economic ties with China if latter does not have any regard for basic human rights.

Her visit and statements have had a snowball effect especially as Trump administration has announced tariffs amounting to $50 billion on Chinese goods. China had expressed displeasure over the step. The tariffs led to fear of trade war among various nations and the effect was eminent on stock exchanges of the world.

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