Namibia: China is not colonizing Africa

President Hage Geingob of Namibia on a State visit to China reiterated the benefits of growing cooperation between Africa and China. He clarified the wrongly interpreted and reported notion by stating that China is immensely contributing to African growth and is not colonizing the country.

China has kept a special focus on Africa pursuing its aim for greater influence. It has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure and other projects in the continent. The Chinese moves have been labelled as a means to secure the raw materials of the naturally-rich continent.

President Geingob stated that China was not on the continent to dig resources but the cooperation has been on equal footing which is mutually beneficial to both sides. Former US Secretary of State on his visit to Africa in early March had cautioned the African states not to fall prey to Chinese loans and compromise their sovereignty to foreign hands in ignorance. He stated that acceptance of loans from China could compromise their control over the infrastructure and resources permanently by default.

President Geingob’s comments have however added value to Chinese investment in the continent as he praised China for adding huge value to the continent.


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