Turkey expects allies to take clear stance on anti-terrorism

Turkey has stated that it wants its allies to take a clear stance on terrorism and not resort to ways which legitimize the terrorist structures. The Turkish reaction came after the French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed French backing and support to the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces in their fight against ISIL. Macron had vowed to send troops to the northeastern region of Syria which is controlled by the SDF. Turkey has slammed the statement saying that the French support for YPG in Syria will amount to supporting terrorism. Turkey expressed hope France will not consider taking the irrational step.

Turkey is highly irked by the French move as it considers YPG the strongest faction of SDF to be a terrorist group. SDF was also the frontline force in the US-led coalition against the ISIL. Turkey had launched Operation Olive Branch in January to flush out YPG from Syrian region of Afrin. The Operation which concluded this month in favour of  Turkey as Turkish forces assumed complete control over the area. Turkey is now moving towards Manbij against the Kurdish forces stationed there.

Macron had met the leaders of YPG, PYD and other Christian and Arab officials and promised to send more troops, humanitarian aid and also push for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

France has however clarified that it will not launch any combat operations in Syria outside of the coalition of international forces.

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