PKK attacks southeast Turkish province, kills 6 Turkish soldiers

The banned outfit of Kurdistan Workers Party PKK has launched an attack in the southeast Turkish province of Siirt near a military base and killed six members of Turkish security forces. The attack occurred in the military base area and those killed by the attack belong to the guard militia of a village who supports the Turkish army.

The PKK has been labelled as a terrorist organization by US, Turkey and also European Union. There is generally a rise seen in the conflict at the onset of spring. The PKK has been in conflict with Turkey since last 30 years and has killed nearly 40,000 people.

YPG which operated in Afrin, Syria was considered as an extension of PKK. The bilateral ties between US and Turkey also sank due to US support and backing of YPG Kurds. YPG had fought alongside US forces against ISIL in Syria. The US had announced plans to erect a strong Border Security Force of 30,000 personnel, comprised primarily of Kurdish factions in north-western Syria. Latter was highly denounced by Turkey. Turkey had launched Operation Olive Branch in January 2018 to flush out YPG from Afrin, the Operation was finally concluded in March when Afrin was wrestled from Kurdish control. Turkish forces are also planning to launch a similar offensive in Manbij and have reportedly reached an agreement with the US to pull its forces from the area.



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