Venezuela: Police station riot and fire leaves 68 dead

A severe fire and riots in the police station of Valencia had left 68 dead. The prisons in Venezuela are usually filled over the capacity and have many weapons and drugs. Rioting in prisons is commonplace. The families of the inmates who were standing at the prison gates waiting for any information were dispersed with tear gas. They were not given any information until the evening.

The Chief Prosecutor Tarek William Saab has guaranteed to deepen the investigations to bring to light the real reasons behind the tragedy. Venezuelan police are notorious for being lawless for decades. Prisoners have access to machine guns and grenades which usually leave the authorities powerless.

The number of casualties is being determined by forensic experts.

The prisons in Venezuela have always been an example of extreme suffering even by inmates picked for minor crimes. They are always been in limelight for abuses, over-crowding, hunger, disease, riots and even murder. The largest facilities are at complete breaking point with violence inside claiming hundreds of lives every year.

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