Trump sacks Veteran Affairs Secretary Shulkin-Jackson takes charge

President Donald Trump has sacked the Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin because of heavy criticism and has appointed Dr Ronny Jackson as a replacement. Shulkin had been under the radar after a report from an Inspector-General of his department. Shulkin is said to have accepted tickets to Wimbledon tournament during his London trip inappropriately and had made his chief of staff say untruthful statements so his wife could also travel at government expense.

It is said it was his growing criticism which was hampering his official performance as Secretary of Veteran Affairs. Dr Jackson has been serving as the presidential physician since the administration of George W. Bush and has been regularly monitoring Trump’s health. Jackson has been serving actively since 1995  and has also served in the US invasion of Iraq as an emergency medicine physician in Taqaddum in Iraq.

Trump praised Shulkin for his service and his role in the passage of VA Accountability Act. The ministry of Veteran Affairs takes care of healthcare and benefits to over 20 million veterans in US military. Also, the Veteran Health Administration is the largest integrated healthcare system in the US which gives care to more than 1200 facilities and 170 VA Medical Centres.

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