Skripals poisoned by nerve-agent on front door of home at Salisbury

In another major breakthrough in the nerve-agent attack on the former Russian spy and his daughter Yulia, British counter-terrorism police have stated that the nerve agent was left at the front door of their home in England.

Britain had blamed Kremlin for the attack as the nerve-agent used was of military-grade Novichok class which was only produced by Russia during the Soviet era. Moscow has denied the allegations and have in turn blamed British secret service for the attack and spreading hysteria against Russia.

Specialists have confirmed the highest concentration of nerve agent on the front door of the house of Skripals in an official statement of Scotland Yard.

The Skripals are in a critical state ever since they have been attacked and it is said they have suffered permanent brain damage. The case has taken British-Moscow relations to a new low as Britain expelled 23 Russian diplomats who were said to be working as spies working under diplomatic cover. Russia had responded by expelling 23 British diplomats. Ever since the reaction by the West was unprecedented as US and West have expelled over 100 Russian diplomats in solidarity with Britain.

Skripal had been living a modest life completely away from the limelight after he came to Britain after a Cold-war like spy-swap took place when 10 Russian spies captured in the US were exchanged for the ones who were spying for the West.

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