Trump: No more special status for Liberian immigrants in US

Trump administration has passed orders to revoke the special legal status for Liberian immigrants in the US which also includes some families who have been living in the US for decades. The status will thus end on 31 March 2019.

Trump administration has stated the improvement in the home conditions as there is the restoration of peace and stability as the primary reason behind the move. Liberia which had been mired in an armed conflict is now having a democratic government in place. The order is seen as a part of the Trump administration’s clampdown over the immigrants both having either legal or illegal status.

Trump stated that Liberia has shown significant growth on many fronts by putting to rest the conflicts which had plagued its progress and the general environment is highly conducive to handle the return of its nationals.  He even mentioned the terrible outbreak of Ebola disease which had harmed both the life and economy in the country in 2014 has finally ended and the country has developed the ability to diagnose and thereby check any future outbreaks of an epidemic.

No official estimates have been given about the number of individuals who will be ultimately affected by the order. The 12-month window or the wind-down period which will begin on March 31, 2018, will enable the Liberian government to make suitable preparations for re-integration of the returning families and individuals in the society and also for the affected Liberians to prepare for the return. The Liberian Embassy in Washington declined any official comment.

The Memorandum signed by President Trump states that some Liberian immigrants were eligible for either Temporary Protected Status or Deferred Enforced Departure since 1991 basically due to civil wars, delicate political and economic conditions etc. In a previous order Trump had banned people from Chad, Somalia and Libya from entering the US and in an early 2018 announcement had many people will lose their Temporary Protected Status in near times.



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