Libya: Isolated towns and communities need to reconcile

Mustafa al-Baroni, the mayor of the Western Zintan town which was isolated after fighting four years ago has stated that the communities which were involved in conflict during 2011 uprising of Libya should reconcile if the nation has to progress. Baroni also stated that the politicians who remain in power long after their legal term is over actually lead to blocking of progress locally.

Zintan had served as a vital power base during the uprising in 2011 which had toppled Muammar Gaddafi. The uprising was backed by NATO. However, as the conflict escalated in 2014, the NATO-backed forces lost ground in Tripoli to rival factions belonging to western towns of Libya. Zintan tried to kindle relation with the capital city of Tripoli where the UN-backed government sits.

It was after 2014 that the roads between Tripoli and Zintan faced severe restrictions. Although there is an apparent calm in the capital and the areas around it, the Zintan forces have increased their activity in the areas surrounding the capital towards West.

Baroni stated the facts that many families which were displaced from Tripoli in 2014 have returned as Zintan has undertaken a massive drive to restore relations with other neighbours and also Tripoli. The politicians are stated to have blocked the polls and even local elections. The blockades and conflict have disrupted the economy severely and the production of oil has jumped to over a million barrels a day as the blockade over Zintan was finally lifted and the production started.

Baroni stated that true justice for Libya lies in the proper distribution of wealth in Libya.


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