Kim’s historic visit to China: Pledges denuclearisation

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made a historic visit to China to meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping. China has stated that Kim has vowed to denuclearise and meet US officials. China also reaffirmed its friendship with the isolated neighbour.

China’s Foreign Ministry had stated that Kim had made an unofficial visit to China and met President Xi. This is the first foreign visit of the North Korean leader since coming to power. International experts see the visit as a preparation for the upcoming US and South Korean summits.

China has always been an ally of the isolated nation but the bilateral ties took a hit at the extensive denuclearisation program of Kim and China’s support for the tough UN sanctions. Foreign Ministry of China stated that Kim has expressed hope for peace on the Korean peninsula as North Korea has taken a proactive approach to ease tensions and propose peace talks. He also stated that denuclearization of Korean peninsula can be achieved if there is a goodwill response from the US and South Korea for the creation of peace and stability in the region by synchronous measures.

North Korean leader stated that the nation can consider giving up its nuclear arsenal if the US removes its troops from South Korean soils and can remove its nuclear deterrence umbrella from Japan and South Korea. The previous rulers of Kim, his immediate predecessors had although pursued a secret nuclear weapons program which had resulted in a nuclear test in 2006 but had never made it public.

The visit which is cited as an unofficial trip had all the ingredients of a state visit with a proper guard of honour and a banquet at the Great Hall of People, Beijing. Trump administration was later briefed about the visit along with a personal message from Xi to Trump. China has been watching the developments on the Korean peninsula from the sidelines.

The visit is being viewed as a positive step by North Korea as the time for its summit with its Korean neighbour and the US draws near.


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