US-Mexico sign Border Cooperation and Customs Deals

The United States and Mexico have signed three deals in an initiative to improve the bilateral ties. The deals are aimed at enhancing bilateral customs process which will fasten the flow of agricultural yield over the 2000 mile border. The first accord was directed at improvement of joint cooperation for putting an end to illegal merchandise going across the border.

Both sides gave a nod for joint inspection of cargo between the neighbours as their bilateral trade crosses half a trillion dollars in a year. Another agreement was signed for the promotion of trade of agricultural goods. Concerns were raised about the illegal arms smuggling and sharing of responsibility of refugee and asylum cases.

The bilateral relations under the Trump administration have taken a big hit as President Trump has consistently insisted that Mexico should pay for the southern border wall which is planned by him for stopping the inflow of illegal immigrants and also US threat to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA if the desired changes are not done to it. Trump administration does not approve of the relocation of companies to low-cost Mexico at the cost of US workers.


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