Slovak government wins confidence vote in Parliament

The new government under Peter Pellegrini has finally emerged victorious in his first political challenge by winning the confidence vote in Parliament. Former leader Robert Rico who had been in power for last 10 years had to resign after the death of the investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée had sparked mass protests. He accepted the responsibility and calls for an early election by stepping down and passing the guard to Pellegrini who also comes from the Smer Party. Pellegrini government won 81 votes in the 150-member house.

The new Government has struck a modest tone and adopted the agenda of the last government to attain a balanced budget by 2020. Pellegrini has vowed to keep Slovakia on the lines of the pro-European and pro-NATO path, the push which Fico had been striving to achieve his rule. Slovakia is a member of European Union since 2004 and is also a part of the Eurozone Monetary Club.

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