Catalan Independence Movement and Puigdemont arrest

The German court has stated that the decision of extradition of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont to Spain will take many days. Spain had issued an international arrest warrant against Puigdemont who is accused of rebellion over the struggle for independence of the region.

The people of Catalan took to streets whole night with sporadic events of clashes with the security forces. The arrest of Puigdemont along with the whole leadership of Catalan which is either under trial, on the run or in exile has significantly weakened the movement. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy had completely dissolved and dismissed the regional government of Catalonia and levied Madrid rule.

Puigdemont can face prison for 25 years due to the seriousness of the offence. Madrid denies recognising the referendum which led to the secession of Catalonia and has taken over the rule of the region. The court’s action against the Catalan leaders has conditionally brought the worst political crisis of Spain to an end as there are clues about the separatist movement is falling apart.

The detention of Puigdemont was extended by the German court till the decision of his extradition is taken. Puigdemont’s lawyer has confirmed that the leader will not apply for political asylum in Germany. It is quite unlikely that German politicians support Puigdemont for Germany has stood behind Spain in its crackdown on Catalan separatist movement.

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