Tusk: 14 EU nations expel Russian diplomats

14 nations from European Union have expelled Russian diplomats after the bloc sided with the UK over the nerve attack on a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia at Salisbury, UK. The nerve agent is of the Novichok class and had been produced by the Soviet Union.

Donald Tusk, the President of European Council has stated that there may be further steps in form of sanctions in coming days. EU members Germany, Poland, France will be expelling four Russian diplomats who serve at intelligence missions, while Lithuania and the Czech Republic will expel three diplomats each and Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands to expel two. Ukraine although not a part of EU will also be expelling 13 Russian diplomats while Canada will expel four.

This is in solidarity with Britain who has blamed Russia for the use of military grade nerve agent on UK soils.

Russia had always denied all allegations which it states are mindless and crafted to undermine Russia in Europe. It had also expressed willingness to cooperate in the investigation and had asked UK to furnish a sample of the agent- a request which was turned down by the UK.

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