Saudi Arabia: Missile intercepted over Riyadh

The Ministry of Information of Saudi Arabia stated that the Air-Force has intercepted a missile over the capital Riyadh on Sunday although there is no information about who is behind the attack. The country is leading a coalition of many states against the Houthi rebels in Yemen who are backed by Iran. Houthis overthrew the democratic government in Yemen in 2015.

Two missiles were intercepted by the air-force in the November and December 2017 which were targeted against the capital Riyadh. The rebels in Yemen continue to target places in Saudi Arabia. In the November attack, the Houthi-governed Defence Ministry of Yemen had stated that they had successfully targeted the Riyadh airport by a long-range Burqan 2H missile which shook the whole Capital. Riyadh however, refuted the claims and stated it was not affected.

The recent missile that was intercepted is stated to be directed towards the residential areas in Riyadh before it was successfully intercepted. Houthis accepted the claim and stated that the missile had been directed towards the prestigious Yamama Palace Hotel in Riyadh.


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