Houthis raid Saudi capital with missiles

The Houthi rebels who are in control of Yemen have hailed the missile attack on the Saudi Capital on the third anniversary of Saudi Arabian entry into the conflict and blowing it out of proportions. The Chief of Political Council of Houthis Saleh al-Samad has addressed a huge crowd of rebels and praised the successful launch of missiles and the advance of military capabilities.

He warned the government of Saudi Arabia to stop the air-strikes if they want them to stop missile launches as they reserve a right for self-defence. The Houthis are in complete control of northern part of Yemen which also includes the capital Sanaa. Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition assault are fighting on the behalf of the exiled government and have managed to establish a foothold in the south.

Saudi forces stated that they successfully intercepted three missiles over the capital the debris of which had fallen over a residential complex. Additionally, air defences also repelled the missiles which were fired on the southern Saudi cities of Najran, Jizan etc. Explosions were heard by residents of Riyadh. The Saudi coalition has launched a huge number of air-strikes over last 3 years which has caused thousands of civilian casualties and gave rise to a horrible humanitarian crisis as millions are facing widespread famine and disease caused by lack of supplies of food and vital medicines. UN data has suggested that nearly 75 percent of the population in Yemen is in dire need of aid with over a million people suffering from cholera.

Houthis had fired missiles on the Saudi capital last year as well but they were intercepted and no damage was reported. The coalition led by Saudi Arabia in a sharp response shut down all the airports and ports of Yemen thereby completely cutting it off and led to mass starvation.

Western nations have asked the coalition forces to put an end to war but also back Saudi stance that it has a right to defend itself from across the border strikes and stop the spread of Iranian influence in the region. Saudi military is largely dependent on the arms supplies from West to fuel its military and had discussed the Yemen war with both Trump and May administration during the latest trips of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to US and UK. Saudi Arabia considers Houthis to be staged by the Iranian regime to accomplish a larger goal of encircling the country as the missiles and other military equipment which is being used by the Houthis are all manufactured in Iran. Houthis have denied any links with Iran and rally behind the stance that they are fighting a national revolution against a corrupt political system and other Gulf states who are acting in servitude to the Western nations.

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