Eastern Ghouta: Jaish al-Islam rebels refuse to leave

The last rebel group in the besieged suburb of Eastern Ghouta, the majority of which has been captured by the government forces has refused to withdraw and move to other areas in Syria which are under opposition control. They refused to enter any such deal with the Syrian Regime or its ally Russia.

The most intense battleground in the 8-year-old conflict in Syria which witnesses relentless air strikes and bombardment, severe blockades has finally been won by governmental forces except for the area of Douma. Most rebel groups have entered into deals under which they have been given a safe passage to the northern reaches of Syria. Ghouta was the last rebel stronghold around the capital Damascus. Jaish al-Islam rebels are under negotiations with Russia over the future of the place and people living in it. Their spokesperson has told the media that the negotiations are underway to steal a deal to stay in Ghouta and not to go to a different area. Rebels stated that the government is trying to uproot the locals of the area and trying to replace them with allies which will permanently affect the demographic make-up of the area.

Thus, the rebels are trying to forward the clause that will guarantee that local populations will not b forced to leave. The regime forces are of the view that the area has to be freed from rebels to bring the deadly shelling of the capital to a close.



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