Turkey condemns EU statement on Greece

Turkey has expressed strong criticism on an EU statement which slammed Turkey for its unauthorised actions in Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The recent turn of events has created a deep wedge between Ankara and Brussels few days before a key summit.

EU has unanimously asked Turkey to suitably respect the rights of Cyprus and thus explore its natural resources as per EU and international law. Turkey has stated that it will not allow the Cypriot government from the exploration of gas and oil in some parts of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone as it claims the latter to be a part under its jurisdiction and also that of Turkish Cypriots. Turkish navy has blocked the entry of drilling ships which are hired by Greek Cypriot in some zones off the Cyprus coast which has been said to be illegal by European Council.

Turkey has blamed EU for not being an objective actor and of issuing statements which are completely based on the claims of Cypriot and Greeks governments. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which had declared its independence in 1983 is only recognised by Turkey. It broke away from Cyprus in 1983. Cyrus actually was divided in 1974 after the intervention of Turkish military as a response to a Greek coup under the treaty of guarantee which was signed in 1960 when the Republic of Cyprus had been founded.

EU has also expressed serious concerns about the detention of two Greek soldiers on charges of espionage since March 02, without any hearing. The recent war of words has unfortunately come at a time when the summit between President Erdogan, EU President Donald Tusk and Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker is about to take place at Bulgaria on March 26.



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