Spy-Poisoning: Trump may expel Russian diplomats

The Spy-poisoning row is all set to take another dimension as Trump administration prepares to expel more than 20 Russian diplomats in solidarity with Britain’s stance that Russia is clearly behind the nerve-agent attack on its former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia at Salisbury. The administration is assessing the response of European nations in the incident.

A number of options are under consideration by the administration which will serve as a befitting response to the shocking actions of Russia in the UK over its nerve agent attack on the Skripals and thus a grave breach of the international commitments and agreements.

Close allies of US have urged the Trump administration to take a symbolic stand against Russia which will give a strong message of Western resolve. The Congress is already pressing for tough actions against Russia for its alleged meddling in US Presidential elections in 2016. The White House has already shut the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and also approved aid to Ukraine in addition to sanctions on Russian spies and hackers for the Notpetya attack across the global systems.

Many European nations like Sweden, Poland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia etc. are expected to expel Russian diplomats following other measures to express solidarity with Britain.









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