Shinzo Abe apologizes for cronyism scandal

President Shinzo Abe of Japan has finally apologized as his ratings fell over the cronyism scandal and a following cover-up. Abe is in the middle of a serious political crisis as the protestors had gathered outside the venue of the Annual Convention of the ruling party and asked for his resignation. He has been suspected to be involved in a doubtful sale deal of a piece of land owned by the state. The land was offered to a national school operator who is said to have close ties with Abe’s wife at highly discounted rates.

Abe had expressed his intention to review the US-drafted Pacifist post-war Constitution. The recent crisis has completely shaken the public confidence in the government. Abe took ownership of the complete situation and deeply apologized to the people. He affirmed the government will furnish an elaborate clarification of the facts and will not allow it to happen again. He has consistently denied his or his wife’s involvement in the whole deal or that he was behind any alteration of the documents of the deal.

Even the Finance Minister Taro Aso has denied any connection with the whole series of events. Abe’s support among the public has sunk to a historic low of 31 percent as people are of the view that he has whole responsibility of the affair. These figures could come in the way of Abe getting a third-time victory as the leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party which will also make him the longest ruling premier of Japan.

The LDP is looking ahead to make changes to the Constitution by making changes to Article 9 under which there is no right to wage a war and also a ban on maintaining a standing military. Japanese Constitution has never been amended and any amendments require ratification by a two-thirds majority in both the houses of the Parliament and also a clear majority in a public referendum. The current crisis does not seem likely for the desired changes to take place.








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