March for Our Lives 2018: A new Rising!

March for Our Lives which is drawing people primarily students to Washington and other cities across the US to push the government for increased new gun-safety measures in the light of the tragic shooting at High School at Parkland, Florida. The march which has drawn student concerns not just in the US but beyond and is said to be the new face of political activism on US soils which is led by the next generation who also comprise the first-time voters and can have a decisive role in the mid-term elections due in November. The event has drawn many celebrity endorsements and sound financial backing to make the present form percolate to its original form.

The new-age protestors are ripe with anger against the dysfunction of the establishment as the hopes for a significant action have already been put to rest. The generation which has grown up in rough times and has seen the society getting dividing on certain views, over the last two Presidencies with memories of 9/11 or the increased gun violence dominating their view of the past.

The recent tragedy has only worsened the disunity and divide. The protest has highly sophisticated ways of organising itself and has seen allies across the globe lending their voice to it. Messages of solidarity could be seen coming from London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Tokyo, Brisbane, Rome and also Paris.

Although it may not be able to make much difference at the policy front the scale and temperament of the movement suggest that the sentiment is here to stay and will grow with time in the young minds if not catered to with care.





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