Israel: Big Data Health Project to be launched soon

The government of Israel is planning to launch a massive Project which will make data about the state of health of the people of Israel available to the various private companies and research firms. Israel will spend a total of $287 million in the same. The project will be helpful in the development of preventive medicine and also be able to personal medicine directed at individual needs.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that the Big Data Health Project will form a huge medical database as almost all the nine million citizens come under the ambit of four health maintenance organizations (HMOs) who already keep the records of everyone digitally. The new Project will strive to use the information which is already in digital format in form of a huge database.

Some experts have expressed great hope for the project and have also raised issues of privacy and medical confidentiality which could be open to more risk. PM, however, put all the concerns to rest and stated that the foolproof mechanisms will be put in place to ensure privacy protection, information security and restriction to access which will have a window for patients to deny the use of their personal information for research. Many countries and international companies have thus shown a great inclination for the project.

Drug majors of the world have now dedicated departments who work on various diseases based on information received from real-world data e.g. AstraZeneca has worked extensively on diabetes etc.



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