China: Air-Force drills in South China Sea

The People’s Republic of China in its aggressive push for military modernization has again started air-force drills in the disputed South China Sea after passing beyond the Miyako Strait between Southern Islands of Japan. PRC air force has stated that the drill makes the best war preparation. China in its highly ambitious program has laid special focus on air force and navy revamping which ranges from building stealth fighters to the addition of more aircraft carriers.

China has reiterated that it does not intend to display any hostility towards any nation or region but its just that Chinese actions in the Western Pacific region have irked nerves in the USA. The drill has been carried out by H-6K bombers and Su-30 and Su-35 fighters although the exact location of the exercises was still not disclosed.

The official statement of Airforce added that the exercise was as per the rules of international law and practice. It said that the exercises are mere practices and a direct rehearsal for combat operations in addition to enhancing the abilities of Air Force.

China has urged US to respect efforts of other nations to secure peace and stability in the region especially after an American destroyer USS Mustin had undertaken a sail near the South China Sea’s disputed islands.




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