President Trump limits transgenders in military service

US President Donald Trump has issued orders of imposing bans on some transgender people who have a medical history of gender dysphoria and need medical treatment in form of drugs or surgery,  from serving in US military but allows the forces latitude to implement.

The memorandum included that various secretaries from the homeland and defence security will have the powers of implementation of all policies which relate to transgenders in the military. The White House has stated that the new orders were based on the findings that individuals with gender dysphoria compromise effectiveness of military service. This will thus allow the military to apply common mental and physical standards to all the individuals who will join US military.

The move has invited strong condemnation from the Democratic National Committee which stated that it is an insult to the transgender service members who have served the nation with honour and dignity. Many Federal judges have also issued many rulings after the Presidential twitter remarks last year to prohibit transgender people from military service. The rulings state that the ban violates the Constitutional provision of equal protection under the law.



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