Koreas prepare for bilateral talks

South Korean Unification Ministry has announced that North Korea has agreed for a high-level talks with South Korea in the Demilitarized Zone at an remarkable outpost Tongilgak- a complex lying towards the North Korean side of Panmujom with the prime agenda to refine for the meeting of the leaders to be held next month.

Tongilak is the same place where both the nations had worked out their participation in the Winter Olympics. It was the Olympics diplomacy which had opened the prospect of Trump-Kim meeting in May. Kim had passed an invitation to the South Korean delegation for inviting Trump which was later accepted by Trump administration. Latter had expressed both enthusiasm and hope in meeting Kim. The agenda, likelihood and venue of the Trump-Kim talks still remain in limbo as North Korean regime has largely remained silent about the invitation. The Summits in line both aim at discussing the North Korean nuclear  weapons and ballistic missiles program.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has stated that both Koreas should work for normalcy and peace in the peninsula and Kim regime should also advance its relations with US and lead to economic cooperation between the two nations.

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