Spy Poisoning: EU backs Britain, recalls Envoy

European Union has stood behind Britain in the spy poisoning row with Russia and has recalled the envoy to Russia, Markus Ederer as a symbolic protest. EU leaders stated in a joint statement that EU agrees with Britain’s stance that it is highly possible Russia is behind the attack on its former spy with a military grade nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury. The incident marks the first possible use of nerve agent in an offensive way in Europe after World War II.

This is a major achievement of the May government which had been in continuous discussions with EU over the attack and had been asking for strong condemnation. The support has come at a time when Britain is preparing for Brexit and will give a great push to the May government both domestically and on an international platform.

German Chancellor Merkel also hinted at additional measures as a response to the attack. Other European nations are also considering to expel the Russia spies like Lithuania, Poland etc. with France and US already backing Britain’s stance.

Russian ambassador to London, Vladimir Yakovenko however rebuked Foreign Secretary of Britain Boris Johnson for his mindless comparison of Moscow’s hosting of Soccer World Cup this summer with hosting of Olympics in 1936 by Nazi Germany. He added that the use of Novichok would have killed Skripals.

Russian ties with West had suffered a big hit due to its infamous Crimea annexation in 2014 and its backing of rebels in Ukraine.

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