PM May welcomes Brexit Transition Deal

British PM Theresa May has greeted the Brexit Transition offered by European Union leaders with warmth. The deal approved a 21-month transition period for the businesses to adjust after Brexit. The deal had been formally passed by European Union to decide on a future trade relation with Britain after it leaves EU.

May stated, the new deal assures businesses and people with some amount of security and clear vision for future. May sounded upbeat about the new developments and said this has infused a new dynamic in the negotiations and made ground for working on the sensitive issue about Irish border as both the sides don’t want to revert to border checks between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Irish PM Leo Varadkar has cautioned that the deal between London and the bloc will only be sealed once the settlement on Irish issue is reached. Varadkar stated, “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”.

London has finally agreed on the agreement with EU as it is time-pressed and wants to ease the tensions and apprehensions in businesses about the practical way forward after Brexit. It has thus stated that the deal will thus include an emergency backstop on the Irish issue. In other words, even at the end of 2020 EU will continue to treat Northern Ireland as a part of the bloc’s customs union and hinder any border checks on the island.  May has however objected to the latter and has assured of an emergency arrangement to avoid the Irish border if all else doesn’t seem to be fruitful.

Michel Barnier the Chief negotiator for the bloc on Brexit has categorically stated that Britain will have to respect the identity and ethos of EU and its single market.



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