Peter Pellegrini is the new PM of Slovakia

President Andrej Kiska has appointed Peter Pellegrini as the new Prime Minister thus putting an end to the political chaos which was triggered by a double murder of a journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée at his apartment. The incident had sparked widespread protests and outrage. Taking cognizance of the situation, former PM Robert Fico chose to resign as a sign of taking ownership.

The murder led to the biggest demonstrations ever seen on Slovak soils in its 30-year-old democracy. The popular demand of the protestors was a fair probe into the murder of Jan Kuciak who was actively involved in the investigations of graft cases against the richest businessmen who were known to have high-level political links.

The Deputy PM Pellegrini was picked up for the top job by the ruling Smer party to keep the government from collapsing half-way through its term. Tomas Drucker has been selected to head the Interior Ministry of the country. Drucker is expected to appoint someone to carry out a fair investigation into the murder. The people are of the view that a fair investigation is not possible till Smer party stays in power.

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