Kosovo: Border Deal with Montenegro passed in Parliament

The Parliament of Kosovo has finally managed to pass the 2015 Border Deal with Montenegro after a highly wild session.  This makes it eligible for access to visa-free travel to EU. The Vetevendosje Party which sits in Opposition has tried 4 times to disrupt the session by throwing tear gas. Many legislators had been taken into custody. It was the fifth attempt to get the voting done which proved successful and 80 representatives stood and voted in favour of the same and only 11 against it.

The vote was welcomed by the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj as the major clause had been satisfied. PM said that it was now left for EU to do the needful and allow citizens of Kosovo to travel anywhere in EU without a visa. The vote was also met with cheers by the international community with the top diplomat for EU Federica Mogherini tweeted that it was good news. She was followed by Greg Delawie the US ambassador to Kosovo who stated that it was wonderful news. EU and US have been the staunch political and financial supporters of Kosovo. Kosovo was the only nation in Balkans whose citizens required a visa to travel to EU as all its neighbours had got access to Schengen zone eight years before.

The country had declared its independence in 2008 about 10 years after Serbian forces were pushed out by NATO. The EU membership however still seems an elusive goal as Kosovo has to ease its relations with neighbours but Serbia has always stood against granting recognition to institutions of Kosovo.

The Bill finally saw the light of the day despite condemnable acts of the Opposition.

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