Eastern Ghouta: Syrian Regime forces inch closer to victory

The Syrian Regime forces have moved closer to victory in the suburb of Eastern Ghouta, which is an area just outside Damascus, as the civilians have fled from the battlefield and rebels have agreed to surrender one of the towns. This has been the fiercest battles in last 8 years of Syrian civil war which has left 1500 dead after unabated air-strikes and ground offensive.

15 buses have been allowed in the town of Harasta to transport rebels and their families to rebel-controlled areas in northwestern Syria as per a deal which has been brokered by Russia to give safe passage to rebels. SOHR-the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that many thousands of people have also streamed out of the rebel-held town of Douma in government-held territory. The surrender of Harasta by rebel group Ahrar al-Sham has left only Douma and another pocket including towns of Jobar, Ain Terma, Arbin and Zamalka under the rebel control. The recapture of Eastern Ghouta is the greatest win for President Bashar al-Assad since the victory of Aleppo.

The surrender of Harasta is the first deal by rebels of Eastern Ghouta. The deal began with a prisoner swap. Syrian Army had taken off all the barriers at the crossing with Harasta for allowing the passage of the buses. Douma which is the most inhabited area of Eastern Ghouta is completely surrounded by the governmental army. The Jaish al-Islam group which dominates the town stands determined to fight and not surrender.

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