US Senate rejects ending US support in Yemen crisis

US Senate has outrightly rejected the call to end the non-combat US support in Yemen War by a 55-44  vote to put to rest the war powers resolution which had always been opposed by the Trump administration.

Pentagon has provided a non-combat military support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen against the Houthi rebels. The US involvement is however limited to air-refuelling and sharing of intelligence.  US Senate voted on discontinuation of the same which will completely shut US support in a month. The vote which was led by bipartisan legislators like Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, Chris Murphy etc. coincided with the visit of Saudi Crown Prince to the US. Sanders clarified his stance that as per the War Powers Act the US ventures in Yemen are classified as military action.

The war on Yemen has gained global concerns due to the spiralling humanitarian crisis and outbreak of epidemics in addition to spreading famine conditions. The three-year-old war has killed over 10,00 people with no end in sight. UN has also stated that the war has given shape to one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

US Secretary of Defence, Mattis had, however, cautioned the Congress that any such foray to withdraw US support will only exacerbate the already prevalent crisis and also significantly hit US influence in Middle-east and disrupt the counter-terrorist operations in the region. US intelligence helps Saudis with more precision in airstrikes which only adds to reducing the civilian casualties. Sanders, however, maintained that the US involvement is completely out of context, unconstitutional and illegal as it never got a Congress nod.

Saudi Arabia had launched a military offensive in Yemen in favour of President Hadi in 2015 to oust the Houthi rebels from the nation. The latter is said to enjoy Iranian support.  The Saudi Kingdom is leading a coalition of nine countries from Africa and Middle-East to come to a decisive end in the civil war. It has been code-named as the Operation Decisive Storm which involved targeted airstrikes against the strongholds of Houthis and later extended to a naval blockade and ground offensive.


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