Moon Jae-in: Three-way Summit with North Korea possible

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has expressed hopes about the possibility of a three-way summit between North Korea, US and South Korea. Moon stated that the clear vision about the goals which all leaders seek to attain, the hitherto unexplored path can be a reality.

South Korea is currently doing the groundwork for an upcoming summit with its northern neighbour which if ended peacefully will pave way forward for the trilateral meeting. The primary agenda for the meeting will be nuclear disarmament. Moon has stated, “we must completely resolve the issues of denuclearising the Korean Peninsula and establishing peace through these upcoming talks and others that will follow”.

Moon mentioned the significance of the summit to establish peace in the region and future of the three nations. Nuclear disarmament will require a US guarantee to any agreement between the Koreas which in turn will be based on normalisation of US-North Korean relations.

The  3rd Inter-Korean Summit is slated in April where President Moon Jae-in will meet Kim Jong Un while US President Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong Un in May as the US accepted the North Korean invite for the bilateral talks. Any Agreement signed during the Korean Summit in April will have to be ratified by the South Korean Parliament so that it is not affected by any future change of government in the country. The two Koreas have shared troubled relations which had been thawed during the Winter Olympics 2018 held in South Korea.


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