Kosovo: Opposition releases tear gas in Parliament

Opposition leaders of Kosovo in a repeated incident resorted to the throwing of tear gas canisters in the Parliament to protest and prevent the government to ratify a border agreement with Montenegro which is the basic condition for Kosovo to get access to visa-free travel to EU. The Opposition Self-Determination Party is against the passage of the agreement as it will give 8200 hectares of the territory of Kosovo to Montenegro. Latter claim has however been declined by both the government and other international experts. This is not the first such incident and all the previous occasions to pass the deal had met with similar reactions from the opposition and also clashes with police.

The Parliamentary session was suspended and the Assembly building was evacuated till the whole room was properly ventilated. The Balkan states of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia have bagged the visa-free access to European Schengen zone in 2010.

Albulena Haxhiu the opposition legislator has vowed to stop the passage of the deal in the Parliament. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj although had announced the government had adequate votes to get the deal ratified but the majority is only possible after opposition also votes in favour.

The Deal is already passed by Montenegro which has recognised Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in 2008.




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