Chinese Carrier Liaoning sent to Taiwan Strait

China is maintaining a tough stance on any kind of separatist activity from Taiwan and has sent its operational aircraft carrier Liaoning to the Taiwan Strait. The development is seen in context with Xi Jinping’s warning of a historical punishment for the island territory if any sounds of separatism are aired by it. China has always considered Taiwan as a sacred territory.

Taiwanese Defence Minister has confirmed the entry of Liaoning in the Taiwan Strait and stated to keep a close watch on its activities. Liaoning had previously also sailed through the Taiwan Strait twice in January which as per China is a routine drill.

The rise in China’s hostility towards Taiwan stems from the election of President Tsai Ing-wen from pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party in 2016 as it suspects the latter to push for formal independence. The Trump administration also signed a legislation which will now formalise sending of high-level diplomats to the nation to meet their counterparts. Latter has invited a strong response from China.

Tsai on her part has insisted that Taiwan will prefer to maintain status-quo and maintain peace in the region. Taiwan’s Premier William Lai was embittered at the recent remarks by Xi and said that Taiwan is an independent nation and it was a serious insult that it is not a sovereign country and can never be.

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