Xi Jinping warns Taiwan of ‘Punishment of History’

Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a strong warning to Taiwan that any attempt of separatism will be met with a ‘punishment of history’. Taiwan is claimed by China as its sacred territory. It is considered one of the most fragile issues for China and is seen as a dangerous military trigger. The 2016 election of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen led to increased tensions between the two as China views Tsai will pursue the aim of formally getting independence from China, a move which is considered beyond the redline for the Communist Party of China. Tsai Ing-wen hails from pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party.

President Tsai has always reiterated the fact that she does not want to challenge the status quo and is inclined to maintain peace at all costs. Taiwan has, however, no interest to be ruled by China as it believes it to be an autocratic ruled nation while Taiwan is completely pro-democracy. China has been further embittered by the new legislation signed by the Trump administration which will encourage the US to send senior officials regularly to Taiwan for holding meetings and summits and vice versa.

Although there is no formal agreement between US and Taiwan but former is required by law to protect the island nation being the main source of weapons. Xi Jinping has reiterated the Chinese commitment of reunited motherland and also push for giving increasing opportunities to Taiwanese people to contribute to the development of China.

In a strong message, Xi stated that China has the will, confidence and ability to crush any attempt of separation and thereby splitting the mainland. Chinese establishment is also concerned about the independence activities and various protests which were seen in 2014 for universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Xi kept the respect of autonomy of the Financial Centre of Asia but also reinforced the need for more national consciousness and patriotic spirit in Hong Kong.





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